Battlefields of Kwazulu-Natal
Without a past – we have no future!

Travel back in time with us and explore the history of South Africa!

We visit Isandlwana where the British lost a large number of men. They were not prepared for the attack by the Zulus.
At Rorke’s Drift, the defenders stood their ground. Eleven Victoria Crosses were awarded in this battle.
The battle of Spionkop was fought to relieve the besieged town of Ladysmith. Present were Winston Churchill, Mahatma Gandhi and Louis Botha.
A visit to the Blood River site, with 57 full size replicas of ox wagons casts a different light to the history and reconciliation in our country.

Explore:  Battlefields Country Lodge, Isandlwana Lodge & Spionkop Lodge

Price includes : Luxury coach, registered tour guide, dinner, bed, breakfast, all excursions and entrance fees

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